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POLI 120H [Dec. 9th, 2011|11:27 am]
UCSD Textbook Exchange
This is a custom textbook for Chandler's POLI 120H,  lots of great articles on the EU and the current eurozone crisis.  If anyone's interested - $10 obo...
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Book Sale for ECE 107 Spring 09 [Jan. 13th, 2009|08:44 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange
I have the book for

ECE 107 : Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics Fifth Edition by Fawwaz T.Ulaby. This book is new, hard cover, except for losing CD . Price  : $ 75 . Pick up only . If we can meet at UCSD, it will be great . The price of bookstore for used book is $110.25

If you are interesting, send me a message at may2280april@gmail.com or leave me a message at 858 357 1297
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BOOK [Oct. 11th, 2008|08:33 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange


does anyone have it and want to sell??
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Human Natures [Sep. 26th, 2008|04:21 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange

Hey guys, I'm in need of the book Human Natures for my CAT 1 class.

I also have the book Culture + Technology 'A Primer' by Slack and Wise in good condition except for some pencil marks which were already in there when I got it.

I live on campus, btw.
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Books [Sep. 20th, 2008|02:15 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange

So out of all the courses I'm taking this Fall, I only need books for French 1B and 1BX. I need five books, each is at least $40.The book stores doesn't have any used books and I can't find any on Amazon or Half.com so if anyone have taken the class or have these books lying around, I'll buy them at a reasonable price (fuck you UCSD Bookstore).

Terrell Deux Mondes Audio Cd'x S, 6 Edition

Terrell Deux Mondes Workbook/lab Manual, 6 Edition

Terrell Deux Mondes, 6 Edition

Morton English Grammar For Students Of French, 5 Edition

Saint-exupery Le Petit Prince (educational Edition)
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Slew of Books [Jul. 22nd, 2008|10:20 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange

If you're around campus now, I can get these to you no problem. I can drive it out to you if you live pretty close, since some of these are serious bricks.

Fundamental Neuroscience, 2nd Edition (COGS 107 series). Edited by Larry R. Squire
$ 75 :: The 107 series says it's using the third edition, but honestly, i don't see how they could have changed too much between second and third edition. You're going to need more than an edition change to understand the stuff in here.

Alchemy (Freshman seminar on poison, but it's fun too). by E.J. Holmyard
$7.50 :: Like new.

The Next American Essay. Edited by John D'Agata (LTWR nonfiction. I think it's 8A?)
$9.00 :: Very good condition

Sensation and Perception. bruce Goldstein. (one of the COGS 101)
$50.00 :: Good condition

Cognitive Psychology, Sixth Edition. Goldstein et. al (COGS 101)
70 for the text, 10 extra for the workbook.

Sophocles: Antigone, Oedipus the King, Electra. Oxford World's Classics (CAT classes, MMW...)

Biopsychology. John P Pinel. (COGS 14) Fifth edition

Science at the Bar. Sheila Jasanoff.

Laws of Men and Laws of Nature: The History of Scientific Expert Testimony in England and America (Hardcover)
by Tal Golan
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Selling [May. 16th, 2008|12:06 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange
**$45 - The Heritage of World Civilizations - Volume Two: Since 1500 - Craig
This is the book required for MMW 4-6. It is in good condition with no writing or highlighting. It comes with the CD. $45 or best offer ($55 used at the bookstore).

**$50 - Absolute Java by Walter J. Savitch
Absolute Java 3rd Edition by Savitch. In good condition. No highlighting or writing. Comes with CD. This is the book required for CSE 11. $50 or best offer (It is $85 used at the bookstore).

**$20 - MMW 4 Course Reader - Herbst
This is the MMW 4 (New Ideas and the Clash and Cultures) reader for Professor Matthew T. Herbst. This reader is from Fall 2007. I emailed him and asked if this reader would work for Fall 2008 and he replied with "It will be similar, though probably not exact. You might well be able to use this. --Prof. Herbst" It is $20 or best offer and I will include my old midterm and final (assuming I can find them...not guaranteed though). The book is in good condition. There is no highlighting or writing in the book but there is a small rip on the cover.

**$40 - Chemical Principles by Loretta Jones
Chemical Principles - The Quest for Insight - Third Edition - Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones - In used but good condition - $40 or best offer.
Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Atkins and Jones's Chemical Principles - Third Edition - In used but good condition - $20 or best offer.
If you want to buy both as a set it is $50 or best offer

**$40 - Stewart Multivariable Calculus 5th Edition - Book and Solutions Manual
Early Transcendentals Multivariable Calculus by James Stewart. 5th Edition.
Book - $30 or best offer. Used but good condition. Comes with CD.
Solutions manual - $15 or best offer. In like-new condition.
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SELLING! [Apr. 2nd, 2008|11:17 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange


Principles of Genetics, 4th edition, by Snustad. $80

If you're taking BICD 100 with Brody this quarter then this is the book you're gonna need. I bought this thinking his lecture would fit in with my schedule, but it turns out it doesn't. The book's in great condition.

send me an e-mail if you're interested:
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Economics Book [Apr. 1st, 2008|02:53 pm]
UCSD Textbook Exchange


I have the UCSD custom text for Microeconomics by Michael Parkin
good for Econ1 and Econ2
email at rjchen@ucsd.edu

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Looking for books. [Mar. 27th, 2008|07:31 am]
UCSD Textbook Exchange

Phil 163
Just Health by Daniels.

Pscy 101
How Children Develop, 2 Edition by Siegler

contact via email


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